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Joann Metzger, founder of Pineapple Super Fat-Melter and mother of three beautiful kids had been constantly battling to get rid of extra pounds and inches gained from her 1st pregnancy. She dieted, exercised, fasted, and jogged. She tried all the fad diets like giving up fat, carbs and even went vegetarian. As she put it “I tried everything -- and nothing worked”.

At one point she actually became terribly depressed because her mindset was that she was destined to be “fat” for the rest of her life. Just when she thought there was no more hope, she made the discovery that changed her life.

Here’s why she calls it a weight loss miracle:

“Without even trying, I lost 43 pounds in just 6 weeks! And here’s the best part... it’s so easy, I’ve kept it off for 8 months! There’s NO WAY it’s ever coming back! It was fast. It was effortless.”

“It all started with me cutting pineapple chunks for my homemade pineapple jelly when I noticed that on the back of the jelly mix it said in small print, “Do Not Add Pineapple; Jelly Will Not Set.”

Suddenly it made perfect sense to me. Something in the pineapple must prevent fat cells from forming just like it prevents the fat-like jelly from setting. After countless research and consultations with a pharmacist, we discovered that to have maximum fat-fighting power, pineapples must be harvested BEFORE they are ripe. That is when their enzymatic activity is at its peak.

So I contacted a food processing company who found the unripe pineapples I needed. They then extracted the powerful enzymes in a super-concentrated form. I sent this concentrate to a natural supplement manufacturer who figured out how to combine the powerful enzymes from 5 pineapples into one easy-to-swallow tablet.”

Since then, Pineapple Super Fat-Melter tablets have been taking the country by storm!


“Homemade pineapple jelly made me lose 43 pounds” – Joann Metzger, founder of Pineapple Super Fat-Melter

“You, and everyone else will see your body becoming more sexy, trim and beautiful every day.”